Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Brownie My Great Day Badge

There are 5 requirements for earning the Brownie "My Great Day" badge.  They are:

1. Start your day right.
2. Sort out your stuff.
3.  Make homework a breeze.
4.  Plan ahead.
5.  Help others get organized.

1.  Start your day right: Lay out your clothes, Make your bed.
Maya decided to do both of these activities.  She checked the weather app on her tablet to look at the weather for the next day and, before bed, she laid out an appropriate outfit.  In addition, she made her bed and made it a goal to make her bed every morning when she gets up.  She also helped her brothers make their beds.

2.  Sort out your stuff: Organize your clothes
Every season, I go through the kids closets to box up clothes they can possibly wear next year or to use as hand me downs, to look at what to keep, and to bag up to give away.   Maya and I went through her closet together, making piles to either bag up and give away or to keep in her closet.  We ended up with 2 trash bags worth of giveaways and she went with me to drop the clothes in the Drop Off bin.

3.  Make homework a breeze: Create your own homework space, Make a homework station.
As homeschoolers, we eschew homework.  :)  That being said, Maya has a chair and bookcase in her room where she does her reading and some of her independent tablet work.  She cleaned up that area to make it more functional.  She also organized the reading nook downstairs.  Downstairs, in our homeschool room/playroom, Maya organized the table where she and her brothers work on homeschool assignments.

4.  Plan ahead:  Be a family grocery helper.
One of Maya's weekly activities/chores/errands is to come with me to the Farmer's Market.  She used our standard "needs" list to shop and to make sure that our staples were in stock.  (She also took the opportunity to chow down on some gelato and the stand put her picture in their newsletter.!)

5.  Help others get organized: Help a relative, friend, or neighbor. 
Maya cleaned up and organized our family room and homeschool room/playroom.  She also encouraged her brothers to help her clean up.

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