Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Getting Started

I got the idea for this space as a way to chronicle moving from a traditional troop, based at a Catholic school, to a combination Juliette/independent scouting experience and virtual/in person troop.  That being said, I wanted to also include how my current year (year 2) of scouting worked through all the Daisy items in a year.  This allowed my Daisy 2s to pick up anything they'd missed while also earning the items they'd yet to earn.  Although this post in written in May 2016, it is being backdated to September 2015, so that I can have the entire Daisy year flow in the order things were earned.  These will be small posts, so that actual blogging starts with Brownies.  But, hopefully, this can give anyone who stumbles across the Daisy information some ideas.