Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Troop Basics

Some similarities and differences in a Traditional Troop -VS- TJW Troop (so far)

Registration:  In both troops, girls must still be registered.  In addition, at least one parent must be registered as an 03 and background cleared. 

Paperwork:  All required paperwork must be filled out.  There's no difference here.

Meeting Place:  A meeting place must be identified and cleared, even if the troop is only meeting there quarterly, just as in a traditional troop.  Appropriate forms must be completed for a change in venue or time.

Dues:  At this time, TJW troop wont have dues.  In my traditional troop, we charged $40/year and then used money from NAR and cookies to supplement our need for patches, etc.  For right now, we wont have dues and will ask parents to supply the badges for their children. 

Calendar:  Even as Daisy scouts, the girls picked their events from a list.  For at least the first year, I've come up with the calendar of monthly SU and Council events.  Families could choose more, but at this point, I'm only promoting one a month unless time allows for more.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Daisy End of the Year Meeting

Girls who have completed the bridging requirements Bridged to Brownies.  Daisy 1s progressed to Daisy 2s.  Girls shared their favorite part of the year and made a craft.