Daisy Journeys

It's Your World - Change It!  In Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden, Daisies learn about the Girl Scout Promise and Law while planting a mini-garden, composting, or even talking to a beekeeper. Then they do a project using their new skills to help others or to improve their community.

It's Your Planet - Love It!  In the Between Earth and Sky Journey, Daisies learn about nature by visiting parks, farms, and zoos, talking to experts, or making origami butterflies. Then they take action to protect the Earth and help their communities by doing art projects, planting trees, or creating a garden.

It's Your Story - Tell It!  By learning how to take care of animals, Daisies also learn to take care of themselves. On the 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals! Journey, girls may visit a farm or a zoo, then share what they’ve learned in a puppet show, on a mural, or in a story they write themselves.

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