Monday, February 6, 2017

Brownie "Brownie Quest" Journey

Maya completed the Brownie Quest journey as part of our Service Unit's "It's Your World Journey in a Day".

PART 1: Discover Key
Journey Requirement: To earn this award, each Girl Scout Brownie will discover herself and her values—as a Girl Scout and a member of her family.
Activity to Complete Journey Requirement: Girls link their personal values and talents to the GS Law
Details:  Each girl had a sheet of paper with the GS Law broken down.  They wrote down the ways that their personal and family values personify the Law.  They came up with ways that their personal values/traits/hobbies/habits/skills fit into the Law. 

Part 2: Connect Key
Journey Requirement: To earn this award, each Girl Scout Brownie will connect as a member of a Brownie Team, with her family on a healthy-living activity, and, as a group with their community to increase healthy-living opportunities.
Activity to Complete Journey: The Brownie Team Agreement is created, along with the creation of a healthy-living activity, and the girls will brainstorm about ways to increase healthy living in their communities and town.
Details:  The girls created a Brownie Team Agreement chain.  Each girl wrote words that relate healthy living to the GS Law (each chain link has the GS Law on it and then an idea that supports it).  The girls went around the circle and shared what they wrote, then the papers were joined into a chain for the Team Agreement.  The girls wrote healthy ideas (without the Law) on strips of colored paper to make a family fun jar, decorated with stickers, and filled with the strips.  While working on their jar, the girls brainstormed ways to get healthier in their community.

Part 3: Take Action Key
Journey Requirement: To earn this award, Girl Scout Brownies will team up to identify a community place where the team can Take Action. Then they join together to make a plan to Take Action and carry out their Take Action Project to improve their world.
Activity to Complete Journey Requirement: Girls identify a project where their suggestions may make a difference in their community and write a letter.
Details: The girls played hopscotch with one square drawn as a broken square; they discussed the broken square and how it would be to work with something that is not safe.  They talked about how our health is like the hopscotch board and, when we aren’t healthy, we are putting ourselves at risk.  They discussed places in our community that aren’t healthy and places that could be better. They complete the sentence "I care about my community by..."  The girls will decide on where they will take action and propose an idea for how to do so.  Together, they worked on a letter, talking about the issue.

Part 4: Brownie Quest
Journey Requirement: At the end of the Quest, the girls also earn the journey's culminating award, the master lock that needs all three of their keys in order to open. Through this award, the Brownies will see that, together, their three keys—Discover, Connect, and Take Action—unlock the meaning of leadership.
Activity to Complete Journey Requirement: Applying the GS Law to the Journey
Details: The girls identified how the GS Law played into their entire journey, from the start with their BTA to their healthy choices jar, hopscotch, and the idea for bettering their community.  They made a large poster board with the Law and filled in with how the journey steps play into the Law as a whole, which was presented to the whole group at the end.

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