Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Brownie First Aid Badge

There are 5 requirements for earning the Legacy "First Aid" badge for Brownies.

1.Find out how to get help from 911.
2.Talk to someone who treats injured people.
3.Make a first aid kit.
4.Learn how to treat minor  injuries.
5.Know how to prevent and treat outdoor injuries.

Step 1.  Find out how to get help from 911. 
Maya completed this step in conjunction with her Safety Award.  We discussed stranger danger, calling 911, and what to do when lost.  (This dose double duty as step 1 of the First Aid badge).  We created a safety plan for the Farmer's Market that we attend weekly.

Maya discussing her safety plan

Step 2.  Talk to someone who treats injured people.
Maya completed this step while she worked on her Outdoor Adventurer badge.  We met with a park ranger at Mauch Chunk Lake in Jim Thorpe, and Maya talked with him about being safe at the lake, what is in the Lake's First Aid Kit, and how to treat common injuries found at the Lake.
Maya talking to the Mauch Chunk Lake Park Ranger

Step 3.  Make a first aid kit. 
We went to a local store after researching things found in a common, basic first aid kit. Maya picked out the items she wanted (bandaids, gauze, tape, Neosporin, alcohol wipes, and hand sanitizer) and then put them in her kit, which she plans to take on all of our Girl Scout adventures.
Maya and her completed First Aid Kit

Step 4.  Learn how to treat minor injuries: Get tips from a medical professional.
Maya completed this part of her badge while she had her annual retinology appointment.  She met with Dr. G, the surgeon who did her laser eye surgery in infancy, and before the appointment, she spoke with him about proper eye care for children.

Step 5.  Know how to prevent and treat outdoor injuries: Take a hike.
Maya completed this step while she worked on her Hiking badge.  Prior to our hike in Stony Creek Park, we discussed the common things found while hiking, like poison ivy and poisonous plants that appear edible.  Because we were walking through a nature path, we discussed the probability that we would see bees and how to avoid being stung.  Maya was able to identify poison ivy several times on our walk.
Maya spotting poison ivy on our walk

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