Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Brownie Girl Scout Way Badge

There are 5 requirements for earning the Legacy "Girl Scout Way" badge for Brownies.

1. Sing everywhere
2. Celebrate Juliette Low's birthday
3. Share sisterhood
4. Leave a place better than you found it
5.  Enjoy Girl Scout traditions

Step 1.  Sing Everywhere: Make up your own song based on nature. 
Maya created her own song and then we recorded her singing it.  The words to her song are:
"My Nature Song."
-By Maya
I love nature.
Yes, I do.
Yes, I really do love nature.
I love the trees and flowers.
I love the birds that sing.
I love the bees and butterflies that pollinate the flowers.
Nature is beautiful, outside in the dark and light.
I love the sounds of the bees buzzing
And the birds that sing
And the flutter of wings of the butterflies.
I love to see bees pollinating flowers
And the butterflies flying by, sucking up nectar.
My favorite season is spring so I can plant flowers.
Spring makes me think of all the pretty things in nature.
I love nature.
Yes, I do.
Maya writing her song.

Step 2. Celebrate Juliette Low's birthday: Throw a birthday bash.
Maya decided to help me plan and throw our Service Unit's JGL Birthday Halloween Party.  More information about this event can be found here.

Step 3. Share sisterhood: Make a team flag.
Maya and her twin brother created a "family flag".  They decided on images that represented each of us (pen and paper for Mommy the writer, a scientific beaker for Daddy the scientist, a turtle for the TMNT obsessed Maya, a rainbow (B's favorite) for her twin, an Elmo for her toddler brother, a bottle of milk for her baby brother, and 3 crosses topped with halos for her three older siblings who died).  It was amazing to watch them work.

Step 4. Leave a place better than you found it: A better room or home.
On her own, Maya encouraged her brothers to join her in cleaning up our playroom/homeschool room.  They worked with their dad and surprised mom. 

Step 5.  Enjoy Girl Scout traditions: Follow in a Girl Scout's footsteps.
Maya and I talked as part of our homeschooling about what it was like when I was a scout in the 1980s.  We often chat about this when we are completing badges that I worked on when I was a kid.  It was a longer conversation that normal, and was neat to hear about her scouting experiences as I remembered my own.

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