Sunday, September 18, 2016

Brownie Making Friends Badge

There are 5 requirements to earning the Brownie "Making Friends" badge.  They are:

1. Make friendly introductions.
2. Show friends you care.
3. Share favorite activities.
4.  Learn how to disagree.
5. Practice Friendship.

1. Make friendly introductions: introduce yourself.
Maya went to an indoor playland with her grandmother, where she made new friends.  Although she is shy and has anxiety, Maya often tries to make new friends.  This badge has encouraged her to introduce herself to new people.  Today, she met a group of 3 new kids and was able to talk to them about homeschooling, girl scouts, and playing.

2. Show friends you care: give something special to a friend.
Maya drew a picture of Rainbow Dash from MLP, the favorite pony of her BFF (who is also a Daisy scout).  She addressed an envelope and then hand delivered the picture.

3. Share favorite activities: share a favorite activity with a friend.
Maya invited me to go to her favorite spot downtown (our local Starbucks) for an after dinner coffee.  She even offered to use the Starbucks giftcard that she received for her birthday to pay for our treats, as a thank you for my helping her clean her room.

4.  Learn how to disagree: find kind words.
Maya made a list of phrases that are kind and can be used to compliment or diffuse a situation.
"I'm sorry"
"Great job"
"I forgive you"
"I love you"
"You're really helpful"
"How can I help?"
"You look nice today"
"Do you want to play?"

5.  Practice friendship: Go to a dance or art class, sports game, camp, or other activity.
Maya attended the GSEP event "Courageous Campers".
You can see videos of Maya bouldering here and here.  Videos of her archery can be found here and here.

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