Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Juliette Way

Now that I've almost finished up the traditional troop method for Daisies, I can get into why this new troop (and this blog) exist.  This troop is a test subject for a new type of Girl Scout Troop, combining the aspects of Juliette scouting (independent, solo scouting), Digital/Virtual scouting, and Troop scouting (the traditional scouting model).  Scouts will embody the Juliette spirit by selecting and working on badges and awards independently; they can also get together with each other in small groups to work on the same, if desired.  A private and closed Facebook group has been set up so that girls and parents can share their journeys together to create the digital aspect and to take the place of many traditional meetings.  Finally, monthly a Service Unit or Council event will be highlighted and girls will be encouraged to attend; in addition, the Troop will meet quarterly for in person connections.  This Troop has the capacity to be multi-level, and is ideal for scouts with special needs or in families where another child has special needs and it is difficult for the family to make scout meetings.  I hope to use this space not only to chronicle our unique Troop's journey, but also to follow the ups and downs of running a troop like this.

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