Sunday, May 1, 2016

Daisy It's Your Story Robin and Birdbath

Girls earned the Robin and Birdbath of the It's Your Story Journey, and reinforced the Tula aspect of that Journey.

Girls each picked a different animal and created a 4 page brochure. (Fold a paper in half, creating pages 1 (cover), 2-3 (inside), and 4 (back).
Page 1: On the cover of your brochure, draw your animal.
Page 2: On page 2 of your brochure, talk about your animal....
Page 3: How do you take care of this animal?
Page 4: In what ways do you take care of yourself and the animal in ways that are similar? That are different?

The It's Your Story Journey is complete.  Girls who have completed all three journeys have earned the Summit Award.


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