Monday, May 23, 2016

Brownie Painting Badge

There are 5 requirements for earning the Legacy "Painting" badge for Brownies.

  1. Get Inspired.
  2. Paint the Real World.
  3. Paint a Mood.
  4. Painting Without Brushes
  5. Paint a Mural

Step 1: Get Inspired.
For this step, Maya was very fortunate to be able to talk with her grandfather, who is an artist.  He has practices his craft for over 50 years, and was more than happy to talk with Maya about what inspires him (making art imitate real life, something he often does in his portrait paintings) and his favorite topic to paint (nature).  Maya's favorite pieces were a series of an old oak tree that he had painted in every season, a 4 painting set called "Tree".  Afterwards, the two completed part 2 together, by painting together.
Maya interviewing her grandfather, local artist Troy Allen

Step 2: Paint the Real World.
With her grandfather, Maya painted a sailboat on the ocean.  Later, Maya painted a still life of her other grandfather and grandmother's house.

Painting together
The finished paintings

Step 3: Paint a Mood.
Using window crayons, Maya selected several colors to denote moods (blue-sad, red-angry, yellow-excited, green-happy).  She decorated her window with an abstract art piece that she called "my feelings".

"My Feelings"

Step 4: Paint Without Brushes
With her grandmother, Maya created an American flag, using dough, tempera, toothpicks, and cotton balls.

Step 5: Paint a Mural.
Because she loved the window painting so much, Maya opted to do her mural on the window, creating a stained glass effect.  It was really neat!

Beyond the Badge:
Maya would like to paint a mural of our favorite field trip, the Adventure Aquarium, to decorate our homeschool room!  Pictures to follow!

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