Monday, May 30, 2016

Brownie Bug Badge

There are 5 requirements for earning the Legacy "Bug" badge for Brownies.

  1. Learn about bugs
  2. Create a bug craft
  3. See bugs in action
  4. Learn about bug homes
  5. Take a bug field trip

Step 1: Learn about bugs.
Maya selected a lady bug as her bug to learn about.  Using the suggestions in the Brownie Handbook, she watched several kid-friendly YouTube videos about ladybugs.  (These were her favorites: video 1, video 2, video 3.  A note: Maya only has access to the kid version of YouTube, so for her independent research, she uses that.  If you are using the full version, you will have access to more videos.)  In addition, together we researched different websites to learn about ladybugs.  (Her favorite websites were this one and this one.).  After our research, Maya created a poster of information.

Working on her poster
Her poster (with part 2 attached at the bottom)

Step 2: Create a bug craft.
Although the handbook gave ideas that related to other bugs, Maya wanted to stick to her ladybug, so we made a ladybug craft out of construction paper, using Maya's fingerprints for spots.

Making her craft

Fingerprint Spots

Completed craft

Step 3: See bugs in action.
We went outside to the backyard, where we observed a spider, a mosquito, a fly, and an unidentified bug, all going about their every day lives while everyone played.  Maya was so fascinated by the ants that she has decided to leave them food near their anthill.

Our unidentified bug.  We checked with an insect expert but, based on our picture, he couldn't determine what it is.

Step 4: Learn about bug homes.
We discussed a variety of different homes for bugs, including caterpillars and butterflies, lady bugs, stick bugs, and ants.  Using construction paper and cardboard, she created a trifold of our house and tree, with a variety of different bugs.
Our house and the tree in our front yard, complete with the different bugs you might see.

Step 5:  Take a bug field trip.
We took a visit to the Academy of Natural Sciences. In addition to seeing butterflies and bees, we were able to visit the special Tarantula exhibit.  We spent several hours at the museum and the kids (as well as the adults) loved every second of it.  We can't wait to return.
Group shot (sans the baby)

Touching a turtle was much safer than touching a scorpion!
Dressing up like spiders in the Tarantula special exhibit

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