Monday, May 30, 2016

Brownie Safety Award

There are 5 requirements for earning the Safety Award for Brownies.

We utilized the checklist found on this website to complete the requirements for this pin.
Find the form here
Step 1.  We discussed safety when out at playgrounds as well as in our back yard.  Maya created a list of rules that she posted next to our backdoor.
playground rules

Step 2.  I drew a street map of the section of our Borough that we live in.  Maya then marked the important locations, like police, fire, EMTs, hospital, and local spaces we use often.  We also looked for the important numbers and wrote them down.
Marking important spots on the map

Ready to go

Step 3.  Maya and her dad went over fire safety and how our fire alarms work.  She worked on creating a safety evacuation plan in the event of a fire emergency.
Creating a fire evacuation plan for our family

Step 4.  We discussed stranger danger, calling 911, and what to do when lost.  (This dose double duty as step 1 of the First Aid badge).  We created a safety plan for the Farmer's Market that we attend weekly.
Creating a safety plan with Mommy

Step 5.  Using the computer, we researched the most common natural disasters in Pennsylvania as well as talked about what to do in the event of a natural disaster.  (This took almost 2 hours and spanned both parents, but Maya enjoyed this step the most.)
Researching with Daddy

Disaster Preparedness

Beyond the Badge:
Maya is in the process of creating mini first aid kits along with a disaster preparedness checklist to deliver to our three closest neighbors.

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