Monday, January 16, 2017

Brownie My Promise, My Faith Year 2

Because Maya began her Brownie Journey while her Daisy 2 year was still completing, this is her technical second year, even though she has been a Brownie less than 12 months.  Due to her grade level, she will be bridging to Juniors in the fall, and she wanted to make sure that she completed everything in the 16 months she would be a Brownie.  So her My Promise, My Faith Year 1 was completed in 2016 and her Year 2 was just completed!


My Promise, My  Faith:  2nd Year Brownie Pin.

1.        Choose a line from the GS Law.  Find a story about that law and apply it to your own life.

a.       Be Responsible for What I Say and Do, Honest and Fair

b.       Maya read a biography about Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner.  Malala risked her life because she wouldn’t back down about her beliefs that girls had a right to be educated.  As Maya read this story, she continued to say how much she and this girl had in common: that they both loved their faith (even though they share different ones), that they both believed in education, and that everyone should be treated fairly.  She was deeply disturbed by the notion that people want to kill others for believing differently from what they believe.

c.        Section completed: 1/15/17

2.       Find a woman in your own or another faith community and ask her how she tries to use the GS Law in her life.

a.       Maya contact Malala Yousafzai through her website to find out how she uses the GS Law in her own life.   (I’ll update this once/if we get a response, but we did go through the Law and come up with ideas.)

                                                               i.      honest and fair: she wanted equal education for girls

                                                             ii.      friendly and helpful: she tried to make sure girls had access to school

                                                            iii.      considerate and caring: she cared for other girls

                                                            iv.      courageous and strong: she stood up for what she believed and even was almost murdered because of it

                                                              v.      responsible for what I say and do: she never tried to hide what she was doing or lie about it

                                                            vi.      respect myself and others: she respected herself because she wanted an education and respected other girls because she fought for their rights, too

                                                          vii.      respect authority: she stood up against an oppressive government for the rights of her people

                                                         viii.      use resources wisely: she used everything she could around her for her cause.

                                                            ix.      make the world a better place: she fought for equal education

                                                              x.      be a sister to every Girl Scout: she fought for her fellow girls

b.       Section completed: 1/16/17

3.        Gather at least 3 inspirational quotes by women that fit a line of the GS Law.

a.       Maya completed this at the annual Catholic Girl Scout Retreat, where she learned about Miriam and St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta.  She selected quotes by Mother Theresa and crafted a handout to remind her of these quotes and how they help her to live the Girl Scout Law.

b.       Section completed: 12/10/16

4.        Make something to remind you of what you’ve learned.

a.       Maya made a Mother Theresa peg doll at the Catholic Girl Scout Retreat that she keeps on her bedside table, near our quotes jar from her My Promise, My Faith part 1.

b.       Section completed: 12/10/16

5.        Keep the connection strong.

a.       At the conclusion of the Catholic Girl Scout Retreat, Maya shared what she had learned with her Girl Scout sisters and listened while they shared as well.

b.       Section completed: 12/10/16

Pin Completed: 1/16/17

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  1. Update to #2: Response
    Dear Maya,

    Thank you so much for your email and kind questions for Malala. Malala is deeply honored that you are doing research on her and girls' education! Unfortunately, Malala is unable to accept any interviews or questions at the time as she wishes to focus on her education during the academic year. 

    If you'd like more information on girls' education and more resources, our website as many helpful tools! On you will find Malala’s story, information about Malala Fund, important facts about girls' education, and what works in ensuring education. Please also find attached Malala Fund's Overview Booklet which we hope you find helpful. There might be some overlaps between the mission of the Girl Scouts and Malala's wish that every girl be in school. 

    We're grateful for your dedication to girls globally and Malala's wish that every girl has access to a quality secondary education. When we stand together, we do not stand alone. Thank you again for supporting Malala and Malala Fund!

    The Malala Fund