Monday, January 16, 2017

Brownie Dancer Badge

This badge was earned as part of a troop badge earning experience.

There are five parts to earning the Brownie Dancer badge.  They are:

1. Warm up and get moving.
2. Try a new dance.
3. Take to the floor like a dancer.
4. Make up your own dance.
5. Show your moves.

1. Warm up and get moving: Get flexible.
Girls had a 10 minute yoga session that went over flexibility and stretching, as well as the Sun Salutation.

2. Try a new dance: Try "dancersize".
Girls learned a 3 minute Zumba routine.  They practiced it multiple times before performing it like pros!

3. Take to the floor like a dancer: Pretend you're a Girl Scout in the 1930s.
Girls learned the following activities: a curtsy, a deep curtsy, proper carriage in walking, and the correct standing position.

4. Make up your own dance: Use dance to tell a story.
Girls each chose a story to tell.  They were given music and then told their stories through dance and movement.

5. Show your moves: Throw a dance party.
Girls learned the Macarena, The Twist, and Conga, as they danced their way into a new badge!

Here are our girls in action!  Unfortunately, because we were all in action, there aren't too many pics of every step.

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