Monday, January 16, 2017

Brownie Meet My Customers Badge

There are 5 steps to the Brownie Meet My Customers badge.  They are:

1.  Find out where your customers area.
2.  Talk to some customers.
3.  Practice handling money and making change.
4.  Role play good customer relations.
5.  Thank your customers.

1.  Find out where your customers area: Talk to your family or friends about who might want to buy GS cookies.
Maya created a list of people to contact: long distance family via email and social media, local family through meetings and phone calls, neighbors within our block that we know well (3 families) by walking over and visiting in person, and church family (through a church cookie booth.)

2.  Talk to some customers: Practice telling customers about the cookies you are selling.
After a run through talking to her little brothers, Maya practiced talking to her grandmothers (in person and on the phone) about the different cookies we are selling.  This skill was reinforced at the 2017 Cookie Rally.

3.  Practice handling money and making change: practice making change.
As part of her homeschool math assignment, we have been using cookies as our math problems and focusing on adding, subtraction, and multiplication.

4.  Role play good customer relations: role play what to do when a customer asks for advice about which cookies to buy, a customer tells you she used to be a GS, and a customer says she will return to buy cookies.
While talking to her grandmothers and mom, Maya role played these scenarios.

5.  Thank your customers.  Write a thank you note!
This section was completed at the 2017 Cookie Rally, when girls wrote thank you notes, specifically to our OCFH troop members.

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