Friday, October 14, 2016

Brownie My Family Story Badge

There are five steps to earning the Brownie "My Family Story" badge.

They are:
1. Explore family stories.
2. Know where your family is from.
3. Make a story tree.
4. Find an object that means something to your family.
5. Share your family story.

Step 1. Explore family stories: Read 2 stories staring families.
Maya handled story time for her two younger brothers.  She selected 2 books from the library that she felt talked about families. "Mad and Mommy" and "Lola Reads to Leo", then she read to her brothers during our homeschool time.  Afterwards, she and I discussed the families in the story and how they are similar/different to our family.

Step 2. Know where your family is from: Ask about a family recipe.
For her youngest brother's birthday party, Maya helped to make "Mimi's Party Punch", a punch that her maternal grandmother has been making for family parties since the 1970s (and a recipe she learned from her aunt).  It's something we make for every party.  (I have no pictures because I was too busy getting the party ready).  It's a simple punch, but one that we enjoy because of all the memories.
Mimi's Party Punch
-1 large can of pineapple juice
-1 bottle of 100% juice fruit punch
-1 liter of ginger ale
-1 cup of orange juice
-2 pints of different sorbet (we like lemon and mango) (originally, this was sherbet, but I have a child allergic to food dye, so we use natural sorbet instead)
To keep it cold, I also like to add frozen fruit.
Mix and serve!  It's that easy!

Step 3. Make a story tree: Use the story tree.
Because we have more family than the tree allowed, I copied and pasted over the book tree.  This allowed Maya to make sure her siblings were all included.  While she colored the pictures, she asked me to write down the fun facts that she chose.  Here were her selections:
MAYA- Favorite color is blue
ROBERT- Nickname is Bobby
NICHOLAS- Favorite food was pork chops*
SOPHIA- Favorite food was kielbasa and pierogi*
ALEXANDER-Nickname is Alex*
MICHAEL- Loves to eat superhero cheese
LUCAS- Favorite food is milkies
NEW BABY- Will be born around Mother's Day 2017**
DADDY- Likes "knock knock" jokes
MOMMY- Favorite thing to do is write

Step 4. Find an object that means something to your family: Talk about an object that has been handed down.
Maya learned about a ring that is special to our family.  Her great-grandmother, known as Yaya (Greek yaiyai for Grandmother), gave me a pearl ring before she died that, one day, I'll pass on to Maya.  The ring was made by Maya's great-grandfather's brother, who made jewelry, as a gift for her great-grandfather to give to her great-grandmother.  The filigree was all done by hand  and the large pearl is real.  The ring itself is invaluable, both for the pearl and for the history.  Maya was so excited to be able to put the ring on and talk about Yaya and how the ring came to be mine.

Step 5. Share your family story: Make a family crest.
Maya created a coat of arms using the webpage  It was free and I recommend it for this step of the badge.  She had a lot of fun selecting the color, motto, and values.  She chose "Friendship and Honor" as our family motto, and selected the following 4 values: animal loving, brave, creative, and fair.

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