Sunday, October 16, 2016

Brownie Explorer Program and the Brownie Archery Try-It

Maya participated in the Brownie Explorer program run by our Council.  Although no badges were earned, girls could have used the activities (archery, nature hike, nature art) to fulfill other requirements.  Because Maya loves archery, we've decided to complete the requirements of the Girl Scouts of Southern NJ's Brownie Archery Try-It.  (You can find the requirements here and purchase the badge here.)  Maya completed the following steps of the requirements:
4. Demonstrate the correct way of pulling an arrow from the target, and picking it up from the ground.
5. Demonstrate the correct stance used for shooting
6. Know the safety zone.
7. Know and follow the archery range whistle commands.

Here is a video of her at SR and SR, and here is today at MH.

She completed most of these at the Courageous Campers program at the Shelly Ridge camp, but then repeated and expanded upon them at the Brownie Explorer program today at Mountain House camp.   Funny enough, she completed the requirements of the Cadette Archery badge.  I have a feeling that will be her first Cadette badge in a few years!

Here are some pics from the program.

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