Thursday, November 3, 2016

Brownie Money Manager Badge

There are five steps to the Brownie "Money Manager" badge.  They are:
1. Shop for elf items with your elf doll.
2. Go grocery shopping.
3. Go clothes shopping.
4. Get ready for school.
5. Have some fun.

1. Shop for elf items with your elf doll: Go shopping at home.
We created our own little imaginary store and the kids practiced their math skills as part of our homeschooling.  Maya dressed her paper elf doll and then proceeded to do the requirements for this section.  For $10, she bought dog food ($10).  For $15, she bought chicken ($5), fish ($4), bread ($3), and PB ($3).  For $20, she bought cookies ($4), eggs ($2), cheese ($4), baked beans ($2), elfaroni ($2), spaghetti sauce (#$2), lettuce ($2), and tomatoes ($2).

2. Go grocery shopping: Shop at a store/on paper/online.
Maya often is my grocery helper so we created a hybrid of the requirements so that she could shop and compare stores, paper, and online.    For her list and prices, she used the online/in store prices of our local Wegman's.
Apple (lb) $2.69
Oranges (5) $4
Blueberries (18oz) $28.99
Grapes (2lbs)  $4.58
Kiwi (lb) $3.99
TOTAL: $24.25
Budget: $30
Remainder: $5.75

3. Go clothes shopping: Browse through catalogs/shop secondhand.
We did a hybrid of this.  Maya went with me to the secondhand store to shop and she helped me create 10 outfits for $60 total.  In addition, she took her paper elf doll shopping on paper, creating a few outfits for $30 or less.

4. Get ready for school: You have $15 total.
Because we homeschool and I buy their supplies at the start of the year, Maya did faux shopping with her paper elf doll for items that are standard to our supplies: notebooks, pencils, erasers, and a backpack.  She had the following as her price list:
5 notebooks $5
12 pencils $2
5 erasers $1
backpack $15
With her $15, she was only able to buy notebooks, pencils, and erasers.  She would have needed $23 to add in the backpack.

5. Have some fun: Go to the movies with a friend.
Maya compared 2 theaters (the closest Regal and the small, independent theater our family always goes to, The Grand) for tickets and concessions for 4 people.

The Regal:
4 tickets: $32
snacks (small popcorn and small soda each): $40
Total: $72

The Grand:
4 tickets: $12
snacks (kid pack of small popcorn, small soda or water, and candy): $14
Total: $26

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