Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Brownie Outdoor Adventurer Badge

There are 5 requirements for the new  Brownie Outdoor Adventurer Badge.

They are:
  1. Play outdoors in a new way
  2. Explore nature
  3. Buddy up and play outdoor games
  4. Learn a camp skill
  5. Care for the outdoors

Step 1.  Play outdoors in a new way: Have fun with water.
In honor of my birthday, we decided to visit Mauch Chunk Lake.  The kids have never swam in a lake before, so we decided that this was a perfect, warm day to do so.  Maya loved the lake, and said it was more fun than the pool!
Maya at Mauch Chunk Lake

Step 2.  Explore nature: Nature Walk
We visited Stony Creek Park as part of our Hiker badge and completed a nature walk.  Maya found a variety of berries, leaves, and pinecones.  She loved searching for fallen pine cones and was amazed by seeing the cones on the trees.
Hunting for Pine Cones!

Step 3. Buddy up and play outdoor games: Marco Polo
Usually the kids play with water toys in the pool.  At the lake, we introduced them to Marco Polo.  This was one that they all loved, especially Maya who really loved trying to avoid being captured!
Marco Polo!

Step 4.  Learn a camp skill: Learn to roll a sleeping bag.
Maya has camped out before, but I've always been the one to prep her sleeping bag.  It took a while, but she finally can roll it tight enough to fit it into the built on carrying bag!
Rolling her sleeping bag

Step 5.  Care for the outdoors: Help an outdoor space you love.
Maya helped weed our flower garden near our shrines to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  In addition, she weeded and planted the memorial garden for her Uncle Robert, to celebrate his memory and his upcoming birthday.
(Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of this one, since my hands were dirty and I didn't have my phone handy.)

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