Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Brownie Hiker Badge

There are 5 steps to completed the Brownie "Hiker" badge.  They are:

1.  Decide where to go.
2.  Try out a hiking skill.
3.  Pick the right gear.
4.  Pack a snack for energy.
5.  Go on your hike!

Step 1.  Decide where to go: Find a trail.
Because we wanted to work on this badge in between when Dad came home from work and dinner, we opted to choose a close spot with a nature trail: Stony Creek!

Step 2.  Try out a hiking skill: Know the trail. 
Maya drew the trail and, although her drawing isn't to scale, she worked really hard to include the items at the park, like the pond and the playground.

Step 3.  Pick the right gear: Ask an older girl scout/invite an experienced hiker to your meeting.
Maya decided to interview Mom, who as a runner who utilizes the SCP trail often, would know what to bring on our hot, evening walk.  We decided that we would need water to stay hydrated, that sneakers were the best shoe choice, that a small backpack to carry our first aid kit, snack, and water would suffice for a half hour hike, that our already made first aid kit would be a good fit for us, and that a reusable water bottle with ice to stay cold was the best water choice.

Step 4.  Pack a snack for energy: Make a walking snack.
We made a walking salad that contained carrots, celery, dates, and cucumber slices.

Step 5.  Go on your hike: Play I-Spy.
We played I-Spy on our hike finding leaves (red), dog collar (orange), flowers (yellow), leaves and grass (green), wild blueberries (blue), wild berries (purple).  We had a great time!

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